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Home Design Trends Offer Functionality and Style

May 19, 2017


If your home could use some updating but you need some inspiration, looking at the current trends in interior design can be a great starting point. This is especially so if you plan to sell your home soon. Design trends not only suggest what buyers may like, but also respond to what they are looking for in a home. Giving your home something new and exciting by way of design could help attract more potential buyers when you list your property. Forbes has published a list of intriguing 2017 design trends, perhaps one of these ideas is just the place to begin your home update.

A common theme in the latest design trends is to re-work existing spaces so they simply work better. This is a plus whether you have a smaller home or one with more square footage. Instead of regulating storage to closets, basements and attics, storage spaces in the kitchen, bath and laundry room are being reimagined in creative ways.

Whether you build in a wall of storage or work with your existing cabinetry, adding in gliding or turning shelves makes better use of cabinets, by ensuring ease of access while allowing for use of the entire depth of cupboards and drawers.



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There is also a trend to give more attention to spaces which are often ignored in the grand scheme of home remodeling. Laundry rooms are seeing a renaissance of design features being incorporated such as smarter storage, which really works in any room in your house.  Better lighting and overall functionality are also being focused on in these utility spaces. Home is where we want to be, why not make every room feel welcoming and be enjoyable? 

Another space which is often an afterthought, but which should be at the top of any home remolding list, is the entry way. If your home has a foyer or entry hall leading into the main rooms, giving your entry a new look and feel is a great to extend your exterior curb appeal, inside.

Speaking of outside, another exciting trend is to bring the outdoors in, especially in bathrooms. Incorporating a large picture window in a bathroom with a private garden space outside brings in more natural light to the room and adds the serenity of nature to your home

If you are planning to update your home, look for inspiration and innovation in current design trends, many of them offer ways to improve not only the look of your space but how also how you use it.

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