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2017 Design Trends Could Help You Sell Your Home

January 12, 2017

interior-1336161_640If you are ready to sell your home, one thing to consider is how to market your property. Home buyers have a variety of needs and desires when it comes to finding the ideal home. Design trends in home building and renovation can give you, the seller, some insight into what home features and amenities may help attract more potential buyers. This doesn’t mean you need to remodel your home before you list it. Understanding current trends in the real estate market can help you pick and choose what updates you may want to make.

You may also already have a popular design trend or two within your home, which you can use to help bring in potential buyers. Trends do come and go, but many last for quite a while, and others still are timeless in their appeal. When you list your property, if you have any design features which are currently in demand with buyers, be sure to highlight these in your MLS description. Your Realtor® can help with the details of this process, as they too will have insight regarding what is popular with buyers specific to your local market. Understanding these aspects will also make you a savvier seller, and happier with the process.

Current design trends for 2017 are being reported on by several sources, and the lists will vary. But there are noticeable themes too.  Builder Magazine recently posted their list of the most popular design trends in new homes. They sought input from Realtors® across the country to come up with the following list: apartment-185779_640

  • Barn-style sliding doors
  • Finished basements with high ceilings
  • Large closets
  • Master suites on the first floor
  • Modern design elements
  • Multigenerational features
  • Neutral colors throughout
  • Open floor plans
  • Super-sized garages
  • Super-sized master baths
  • White kitchens

If you have an open floor plan, or plenty of closet space, be sure to include these features on your listing, and provide photos as well. Should you have a home with a finished basement, if there are not high ceilings, don’t let that keep you from listing this feature about your home. Finished basements offer much more to potential buyers, including living-space options; provided any bedroom area is up to code, you could have potential space for multiple generations, which more and more families are looking for.

kitchen-1078876_640 in homes have long been touted as being more attractive to home buyers. This is a staging idea which will continue to be a great one to follow. When potential buyers view a home, neutral colors allow them to see the design features of the property, and better envision their furniture, color choices and decorating style themselves. Modern design features can include many things, but most often will entail some type of smart technology. Another list of 2017 design trends, from, includes many modern design elements mixed with classic ones. As space is a premium in our fast-paced lives, outdoor retreats are another growing trend. A little focus on your patio or deck when staging could help entice potential buyers.

There were also some things which buyers no longer want on the Builder Magazine list, such as separate dining rooms and vinyl floors. If you have a formal dining room in your home, you could stage it as a den or office area instead. This will not only highlight the multi-functional uses of a space, but could also inspire a potential buyer to see beyond four walls. Should you have vinyl flooring, this is one area which may be worth the investment to replace, as there are a lot of options when it comes to floors. has published their list of 2017 top flooring ideas, including bamboo, cork and large tiles.

When you are ready to sell your property, you want a Realtor® who understands the latest trends and the local real estate market, with your interests in mind. My team and I are ready to help you through the entire process. Our goal is to make your experience both easy and pleasurable. Contact us today at (925) 634-7820, or by email at


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