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Questions being Asked About the Delta Tunnels

September 15, 2016

091516_image1Last month I shared some information about a proposed water project, the Delta Tunnels. While this project is still not fully approved, new questions were recently raised, especially about who will be paying for it. Currently, no one really knows. There is a lot of speculation, and many people are taking note, waiting to see what the final outcome will be. A recent article in the Mercury News highlighted the latest discussions and questions raised.

There is still a lot unconfirmed about who will potentially pay for the Delta Tunnels. According to a statement from the Metropolitan Water District in Los Angeles, Governor Jerry Brown has indicated the State could help pay for the $16 billion project. This has critics of the project asking why. Opponents site a measure passed in 2009, which prohibits the state from offering to pay any portion of the project until the water agencies which will benefit from the tunnels commit to their part of the costs.

The Delta Tunnels are still in regulatory review. $248 million has already been spent on the proposal process. This spending is currently part of a Federal audit, and now, state lawmakers are requesting an audit of their own. The concerns about where the money will come from are part of pending concerns of who will benefit from the tunnels, and how they may impact the San Francisco Bay area, environmentally and economically.

091516_image2Metropolitan Water district and other southern and central state water districts are holding off a funding commitment as there is concern about the cost-to-benefit ratio. Critics feel that unless the water districts are willing to cover part of the cost, the state should not embrace the proposal funding either. The statement from Metropolitan Water District indicated that funding could come from state or federal resources. Without a clear direction pointing to where the money will come from, lawmakers, tax groups and Delta Tunnel critics began asking for clarification, and new audits to provide it.

This is a heated topic, with many worried about environmental impacts, and economic affects, while others are vying for what they say is a better way to divert water to Southern and Central California’s portion of Bay Area water. What are the right answers? Only the upcoming audits and time will tell.

Whatever the outcome, keeping updated on the Delta Tunnels proposal is important to me for the project will have great impacts here in the northern part of the state. Keep checking my blog over the coming months for new updates as the proposal process continues. When you are ready to sell your home, my team and I are ready to help you through the entire process. Our goal is to make your experience both easy and pleasurable. Contact us today at (925) 634-7820, or by email at

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