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Will the Delta Tunnel Project Move Forward?

August 10, 2016

081016_2Water is the stuff of life, and California is in great need of it. The ongoing drought has brought water conservation to the forefront, and as a whole, Californians are doing a great job. Water use restrictions have been lessened with communities making significant reductions in the amount of water use. Add in a strong El Nino year which has brought back the much-needed rain, and the effects of the drought are less, for now. A project has also been proposed to help the state access water for Central California farms and the Los Angeles area, where water is more precious than gold right now. The project, known as the Delta Tunnels, has been a large point of contention between various groups in the Bay area and the state.

According to the State of California, the Delta Tunnels is a project that would build a series of new tunnels under the part of the San Francisco Bay Delta Watershed, as a new way to deliver water to Central California farm lands and the Southern California region. Water is currently sent to these locations through current State Water Rights, via the massive pumps at Tracy, CA. These pumps are not as efficient as the state would like. At times they have to be shut down to protect endangered fish such as salmon and smelt.

081016_1The Delta Tunnels Project is still in the discussion/planning stages. Public hearings began at the end of July and are expected to take months to complete before the project is approved or denied. The first set of hearings is over water rights, and whether or not the state has to apply for new rights with the new diversion through the Delta Tunnel Project. Sometime in 2017 environmental hearings will be held.

As you can imagine, there are passionate voices on either side of this project proposal, environmental groups, farmers around the Delta, and Northern California lawmakers are voicing great concerns about how the Delta Tunnel Project could impact the environment, including the water itself. Environmental concerns also lead to potential economic side-effects, another area to be strongly considered. The State of California has stated that there will be no impact to the current flow of Delta water, and no changes for other legal users of the watershed, which includes not just the Bay Area, but other states as well. The next Public Meeting is set for August 11th, to be done by conference call. You can listen in at Park Tower in Sacramento, beginning at 9:00 am.

The San Francisco Bay Delta Tunnel Project is an important proposal which shall affect all groups and communities concerned, no matter the outcome. We may even see the Delta Tunnels put to the vote; much of the Santa Clara Valley Water District board members are seeking this option. You can learn more about the Delta Watershed and keep updated on the Delta Tunnel Project directly. The Delta Tunnels are an important community issue which I shall continue to follow; check my blog over the coming months for new updates as the proposal process continues.

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Photo Attribution-Rivers- photo 1 By via Flikr , CC BY 2.0
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