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San Mateo County Home Efficiency Incentives

July 7, 2016

062516.Tippery.HomeEfficiencyIncentivesPt2.image1Last month I shared some information on different home efficiency incentives for residents of Santa Clara County. This month as I continue this series of posts on Bay Area Home Efficiency opportunities, I want to share different rebates and programs available for those living in San Mateo County. For anyone planning to sell their home, adding in some upgrades to make your property eco-friendly is a great way to attract potential buyers. Whether or not you plan to sell, taking advantage of these rebates and incentives is a great way to not only add value to your home, but to also save some money on your energy bills. For the big picture, home efficiency upgrades help communities conserve our resources, always a precious commodity.  Listed below are some of the rebate and programs available in San Mateo County.

San Mateo Energy Watch is an incredible resource for not only residents but also organizations and businesses to work toward lowering their carbon footprint. Through the062516.Tippery.HomeEfficiencyIncentivesPt2.image2 At Home page on the website, homeowners can find different rebates and incentives such as appliance rebates for customers of Pacific Gas & Electric and their Home Energy Saver guide. Examples include up to $6,500 back for installing Solar Panel systems or high efficiency furnaces, washers and dryers.  San Mateo Energy Watch also provides some great information about how simple changes can make a big difference in your home’s energy use. From learning about how much energy is wasted by TVs and computers left on Standby mode, to getting a smart thermometer for your house, and much more, this is one site worth checking out if you do nothing else.

San Mateo County is also a participant in the Bay Area Energy Upgrade program, which is part of the statewide program, Energy Upgrade California. Within this program, residents can take a whole house approach to improving the energy efficiency of their property. There are two options within the program, a standard062516.Tippery.HomeEfficiencyIncentivesPt2.image3 advanced home upgrade. With either one there are financing options available as well as some rebates and incentives you can take advantage of. With the regular home upgrade, you can get between $1,000- $3,500 back in rebates by completing at least three upgrades listed in the program. Examples include insulation for walls and attics, high efficiency appliances and energy efficient windows. Under the advanced home upgrade, you can get the same type of rebates and more, up to $6,500, as well as $300 toward a home energy assessment.

The City of San Mateo also has a great resource available for all the different types of rebates and incentives related to improving home energy efficiency. From the programs at PG&E (listed above) to finding which Energy Star rated appliances you can get rebates on to free conversion kits for your water faucets, showers and hoses, if you live in San Mateo, this is one resource to look into. There is also a great program for home owners who qualify for financial assistance to improve their home’s efficiency. Through the Minor Home Repairs Program, the city has come together with organizations such as Rebuilding Together Peninsula and El Concilio of San Mateo to help with window and door repair, water heater installations, energy and water retrofit options, and much more.

If you live in San Mateo County, I hope you can take advantage of these incentives as you make your home more energy efficient. Be sure to check back soon for a new post focusing on other Bay Area programs. When you are ready to buy or sell a home, me and my team are ready to help you through the entire process. Our goal is to make your experience both easy and pleasurable. Contact us today at (925) 634-7820, or by email at

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Calbookaddict at English Wikipedia [CC BY 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
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