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What Makes A Home Smart?

June 6, 2016

060316_1There is a lot of talk about Smart technology and homes. More and more sellers are upgrading their homes to include smart features, and buyers are excited to find properties with the latest amenities. But what exactly makes a house a smart home? There has been a lot of variance to how the term is applied, and even more confusion. While adding smart features to a home listing is a great way to get your property noticed, sometimes what one person sees as a smart feature, another will not. To help Realtors®, sellers, and buyers have a clearer understanding of just what makes a home smart, CNET, a tech based news site, and Coldwell Banker have worked together to come up with a standard definition of a smart home.

A Smart Home will have specific components equipping the dwelling with network connected products, which enable automation, control, and optimizations to be utilized 060316_2via a phone, tablet, or computer remotely, or within a separate system in the house. Some specific home functions for remote access include heating, cooling and lighting, safety and security protocols, and entertainment.

To call a home smart, there must be more than just an internet connection. There must be a smart security or smart temperature feature included. A smart home must also have a minimum of two smart products installed under a specified list of categories. These categories include safety detectors, outdoor sensors, lighting, appliances, and entertainment. According to CNET, 1 in 4 homes currently can be considered smart homes.

060316_3For sellers wanting to add more value to their property, making smart upgrades that meet the definition can be worth the investment. With new smart technology coming available every year, and the majority of our population using one or more smart products, home buyers are looking for homes that integrate their tech lifestyle with energy efficiency and comfort at home.

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Photo 1 Credit: David Berkowitz via Flikr (CC BY 2.0)

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  1. tisecblog permalink
    June 6, 2016 8:30 pm

    Great explanation on what a Smart Home is. My blog is all about Smart Homes and Connected Security if you’re keen to dive in a little deeper into this interesting industry.

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