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Home Amenities Reflect Lifestyle

March 2, 2014

Just saw an article in MReport, December, 2013 (boy am I behind!).  In the past the emphasis has been on what most of us would consider highly desirable amenities like granite counters, plantation shutters, even a built-in BBQ. Now it seems we are going toward ease of use and comfort like marble baths, roof decks, more storage and yes oversized thwindows. It appears that looking out a window to a deck from your highrise or dare I say, the view from wherever you are, indicates staying more staying at home but perhaps eating out more. The article points out “As buyer’s continue to move inside urban spaces and as builder continue to grow upward, homeowner’s do not need a chef’s kitchen. They’d rather look at the hot new restaurant down the block from their oversized windows.” I am not sure what this may mean for East Bay Real Estate but we are still buying as large a home as we can which means smaller lots. I know the big deal in Discovery Bay and the more popular subdivisions in Brentwood have a lot to do with views and windows.  We just remodeled our kitchen so I guess custom cabinets are now on the way out!  But despite our real or perceived age, we seem to be following the new pattern, or maybe we have always known the value of outdoors and indoor living working together.   See the results for the top 10 of 20 items noted below as to home luxury amenities now being provided by home builders, original source was Trulia:

Home Luxuries What’s Hot Change                            Home Luxuries What’s Not Change
1 Marble Bath                       78%                                1 Barbecue                              -16%
2 Roof Deck                          63%                                2 Hardwoods                          -13%
3 Oversized Windows         56%                                3 Plantation Shutters            -13%
4 Storage Space                   42%                                 4 Covered Patio                      -11%
5 Terrace                               42%                                 5 Lush Landscaping               -9%
6 Floor/Ceiling Window    39%                                 6 Custom Cabinets                 -9%
7 Ceiling Windows              37%                                  7 Fireplaces                              -9%
8 Marble Floors                   30%                                 8 Double Sinks                        -8%
9 Wine Room                       30%                                 9 Stainless Appliances           -7%
10 Gym                                  28%                                  10 Pool                                       -7%

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