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Update on Twin Tunnels May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013

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IMPORTANT DELTA NEWS: With the recent release of Chapters 4 and 5 of the Bay and Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) we discovered the extent of damage that is planned as part of the 10-15 year tunnel construction project. Although the enormous 40 foot diameter tunnels will be 150 feet under the Delta, a huge on-the-ground 35-mile long construction project will be taking place for 10 to 15 years RIGHT THROUGH THE HEART OF THE DELTA: destroying scenic waterways and farmlands, impacting boating and recreation, impacting home values and farmers’ lives. They plan to construct 50×300 foot docks (the length of a football field) for barges and construction work in many places through the center of the Delta. They will be bringing in transmission lines and lights and pile drivers. One construction site is on Bacon Island right next to the largest, most popular anchorage in the Delta: Mildred Island. Construction, night lights and pile driving all night all summer. One huge dock is planned on the most popular South Delta skiers and wakeboards run: Twin Sloughs. In the north, construcion sites are on Venice Island, Potato Slough – on and on.

They plan to add permanent roads, 60-foot wide shafts that go down 150 feet, on private farmlands and leave behind enormous, reeking, toxic “muck ponds” (left-over tunnel mud mixed with foaming agents, chemicals, and plastic). Won’t toxic muck harm waterfowl that land there? How can toxic mud piles be good in the middle of farmland? Or near communities? In addition to the smelly muck pond site near the rural legacy town of Walnut Grove, one of the largest sites is just over a mile from Discovery Bay, for the entire length of the city! A smelly wastage dump right next to the most populated Delta boating community.

To find out more about the South Delta impacts, see To read about the impacts near Clarksburg and the North Delta, read the SacBee article

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