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Troubled Waters-Delta Communities Unite

February 14, 2013

peripcanalmapJust went to a Save the Delta meeting held by the Save the California Delta Alliance           (STCDA).  What I learned was that this is not just a Discovery Bay issue, this is an challenge for all of the communities along the San Joaquin and Sacramento water ways, Antioch and Oakley in particular.  Mary Piepho and Jim Frazier, two of our state representatives spoke at the meeting and explained the major issues facing our communities.  I was encouraged that several Realtors, including Gary Agopian, Antioch City Council, were there to get more information.  Go to for complete information and to sign the Petition that will go to Governor Brown and President Obama.

“Brown’s nearly $24 billion tunnel system would divert water from farmland and cities.” “They’re focusing on the delta specifically to resolve greater statewide problems. The delta simply does not have the supply, the capacity or the ecosystem to withstand that sort of pressure,” Mary Piepho said in a radio interview last week.

Per an email from Jan McCleary of the STCDA,  “The current plan being advocated by Gov. Brown and the BDCP is the huge massive twin tunnels to export 4 million gallons of water per hour from the Sacramento River to send South which would move the water around the Delta instead of flowing through it. The amount of water the tunnels could remove is basically all of the fresh water from the Sacramento River which would leave the Delta farms and communities surrounded only by brackish, stagnant water – not exactly an environmentally friendly situation.”

Of course, we are in a politically charged situation where the monied efforts to supply water to areas that are not suited for agriculture as well as for southern California residential purposes.  It was clear that the Governor wants to destroy the Delta so that other, perceived, more important interests are recognized. 

You are encouraged to contact for more information.   There is a video available, documentary entitled, Over Troubled Watersabout what is happening and supports our message in an informative, professional and entertaining way.  This will be a long process as we will need environmental studies to support our efforts to show that further removal of water will not help the total system recover.   We need your energetic support both personally and financially.  Get more information and step up!



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