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Memorial Day 2012….a few thoughts

May 29, 2012

This Memorial Day is quiet for us.  We are sitting on the deck just reading and being together.  We have that freedom, despite work coming quickly tomorrow, to spend time without a lot to do.  I just came back from Washington DC, from NAR and WCR meetings.  Had the opportunity to speak with our national and local government representatives both in DC and Sacramento as we presented our Home Ownership and Advocacy Platform.  We saw Diane Finestein in Washington before the Hill visits.  She talked about how government is compromise.  She would be supporting a reduction in the mortgage interest deduction as a compromise to keeping some of the deduction in place.  We, as Realtors, know a lot about negotiation and compromise and creating win-win situations.  Well, in the case of our Veterans there is live or die and in many instances neither one of those outcomes is a win-win.  There is no compromise in death.  I am not really sure where I am going with this, just struggling with all of those lives lost over many wars to that we can continue to compromise on many issues that affect ourselves, clients and our customers’ lives.  Maybe that is the win-win.

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