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Book Club April, 2011-The Postmistrees

April 22, 2011

Queens and Pages Book Club met last night to discuss “The Postmistress” by Sarah Blake.  I can’t say that everyone loved the book.   We found it interesting and enjoyed meeting the characters but we wanted more.  As book clubs do, we went back and forth just commenting and adding to what others had said.   In the end, we could not really come up with what the book was about, what was it trying to tell us? During our two hours, we discussed Will’s premise that life was connected versus being random.   Now, I think it is not, because randomness is also a pattern.   We did not get into why both Harry and Will had to die.  We discussed the war and the end of innocence.  Frankie bringing the voices back to remind herself of “the truth.”  We wanted to hear Otto’s wife’s voice on the record and when we didn’t, we hoped that she got back to him.   Otto, the random German Jew in the midst of the American way of life did not have a place, still out of place where he was.   The three  main characters:  Emma had a profound wisdom but child-like view of the world.  Frankie the world weary traveler, monied, wanting to get our attention, and Iris, a very strange, pragmatic woman who valued order above all.  So why did she do what she did?  All of us wanted to know more about the connections between these women and then what happended next.   The ending did not come back to the beginning where Frankie started telling the story, it just ended.  Check out the more formal reviews from Amazon on the Pens and Pals Page.

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