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Keep it Green-Energy Audit Disclosure

April 20, 2011

As it is Earth Month it behooves each of us to think about how we can help our poor ailing planet in small and large ways.  I thought it appropriate to get more information about … whatever, meaning, I know very little about conserving energy or what can be done to even get started.  So, I attended a WCR, that’s Women’s Council of Realtors-East Bay Chapter, business resource meeting last week, held, appropriately at the center of the green universe, in Berkeley, the Berkeley Association of Realtors, to be exact.  You can contact Arlene Baxter at if you want more information. 

There we learned more about the HERS, Home Energy Rating System.  One startling statistic is that most of us lose 30% of our energy from faulty heating ducts. As someone said, “the energy we don’t use is the energy we use best.”  So conservation is the name of the game. The upshot is, if you are concerned about energy, and we all “should” be concerned, then get an energy rating on your home.  They cost approximately $300-$500 and a couple of hours of your time.  The good news is that PG&E and Alameda County (and Los Angeles County-but why would they be interested? an yes, the heat!) are giving rebates for improvements.  The energy audit will tell you what you need to do to improve you’re the envelope you live in.  They review everything from roofs, windows and doors to air flow to insulation and mechanical equipment.  Also, I am a Realtor and I did not know this, there is a HERS disclosure available; we will be putting that in our listing disclosure package right away.

See for HERS raters, for a directory of BPI, Building Performance Institute also at,  for information on how to have your home green point rated, and finally, regarding contractors and rebates.  OK, REBATES and/or stimulus funds to you, mean money in your pocket but those are not available unless you spend money to improve your home’s energy health.   More next time . . . . .

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