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Bookies – 2011 Book of the Year

April 15, 2011

Our Book Club, Queens and Pages, attended the annual Bookie event March 31, 2011, at the Lafayette Hotel.  This is sponsored by Project Second Chance, an organization near and dear to my heart.  I was priviledged to be a tutor for them for almost a year working with a student teaching English as a second language. 

This event is always so much fun as it is attended by many book clubs in the north and east bay.  The book club selections are posted and they also have a silent auction of our favorite things.  Books, wine, golf and spa treatments are signature donations. Last year I bought but have not used a color analysis and closet reorganization.  Also, this brought me the pleasure of getting to know Pine Ridge Winery’s weekly food pairing experience.  This year it was two bags of books and an evening with Ron Shoop, Sales Rep for Random House.   Fremont Bank and others are critcal partners in helping put this together.

Ron was instrumental in persuading the guest author, Elizabeth Rosner, who has written two books, “The Speed of Light” and “Blue Nude” to share about her life and writing.  She talked about her two books and her experience being the daughter of Holocaust survivers.  One idea that struck me was the lack of this reference or communication, or not,  about this huge part of their lives in her home as opposed to other homes.  Was this a topic that was discussed in the home? If not, how did that silence or discussion impact each member of the family?

The nominiees for the 2011 Book Club Book were:   “Cutting for Stone” – Abraham Verghese, “Little Bee” -Chris Cleave, “The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake” -Aimee Bender, “The Invisible Mountain” -Carolina De Robertis, “Room” -Emma Donaghue. And the winner was: “Cutting for Stone.”  Not surprising as most book clubs had this one on their list.  A book about love, family, twins and sacrifice.  So read this one if you have not.

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