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Readers and Pet Lovers-Lets Get Started

April 7, 2011

   I have been a reader and a pet lover all my life.  In between “having my nose in a book”  and being somewhat of a tomboy, I played with and help raise dogs and cats.  Growing up, behind my step-fathers combination grocery store, gas station and sporting goods store, my mother raised Chihuahua’s and Pekinese dogs.  We had several other kinds of dogs as well and I learned to love them as we took care of them but also because they simply loved me back.  You know how it is, they love their people.  At one time, we had fourteen dogs and cats, and a lot of newspaper protecting the floor, in that two bedroom apartment. 

My interest in books also began early I think because my mother was always reading and interested in what was going on.  I started with the traditional kids books and probably read “No Children, No Pets” about sixteen times.  I recently mentioned this to a retired teacher in our book club who knew the book!  Still!

So, I am interested in taking care of our pets.  I am also interested in books and literacy.  I would like to use this forum to talk about these two interests and invite those readers out there to comment on what they are reading as well as what they think about what they are reading, suggestions and recommendations for other readers.  Also, if you have a pet, stories, photos, please feel free to post.  I have had in the back of my mind, for some time now, that we need an animal shelter to serve Brentwood and Discovery Bay.  We welcome your comments.

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