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Property Tax Scam?

December 16, 2009

$$$$  It is that time of the year for saving money so you may be getting something in the mail about saving you money on property taxes.  Beware, they may be charging you a fee for something you can do yourself.  I got an email from a client about an official looking letter from Property Tax Adjusters, out of Granada Hills, CA.  They offered to process a reassessment application that could save $X for the homeowner for the piddly cost of $189.  Hey, inflation, I used to get these mailers quoting $39!

But wait, you can do this yourself.  Go to see Gus Kramer, our Contra Costa County Tax Assessor, in Martinez, write a letter and/or fill out a simple form that is available from the assessors office.  Check out Proposition 8.  The first step is to go the website:  for more information.  I noticed a post about a scam dated December 14, 2009 that can be reached via TAXPAYER ALERT box right on the front page of the Assessor’s website which addresses this particular scam.  There is a ton of information and documents you can download or read that will give you more information about property taxes in general and you can check the status or print out your own tax bill right from that site. 

If you need help with updated comparable sales please contact me directly and I can provide these to you within 24 hours, just send me your email and current address and we will forward comparable sales and listings for you to use.  The assessor has called me on several occasions to verify information, so they are on track to keep our values reasonable.

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