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Water, Water Everywhere But . . . .

November 10, 2009

Hey, have you heard of the 2 gates project?  Peripheral Canal?  Have you heard of no water in the Delta? 

It seems as if the vultures are circling as there are too many projects being planned to “HELP” the Delta waterways that also appear to reduce flow and/or take water away to other areas of the state.  We are currently concerned with the 2 Gates Fish Protection Demonstration Project, with an $80 Billion price tag, and the Peripheral Canal with unknown costs.

The time to act is now.  The 2 gates project is designed to save the smelt and essentially erect a part-time dam at Old River and Connection Slough two major access rivers north of Discovery Bay.  Check out the information, but you only have until next Tuesday to make yourself heard.   Check out what you need to check out and then contact our elected representatives.  Make yourself heard before it is too late.   

The Discovery Bay Yacht Club is asking that you send comments to on or before 11/17/09 with “Public Comment – 2 Gates Fish Protection Demonstration Project” in the subject line.    

We have also been advised to work with our representatives at the federal level:

Contact Congressman Mc Nerney at  – 925-737-0727

Email is recommended to register online , if you live in his district:

Contact Congressman George Miller at  Vallejo  phone: 707-645-1888,  Concord-phone: 925-602-1880
e-mail him if you are a constituent or own a business in his district. 

To be the most effective since we are working with a sensitive time frame: 

*Smile while you are talking ( public relations 101 but important to remember when you are talking about an issue where you are emotionally connected as without any intention you may sound angry )  they will feel it on the phone and listen more actively rather than defensively.

*Keep it Brief – do not get into alot of detail ( they already know it the issue )

*Stay on message

 The message is…..  I want to first thank the Congressman for his hard work on the Delta Water Issues.  I am calling to ask the Congressman to facilitate an extension of the public comment period on the EIR and permit for the two gates project.  This is much too important for our region to be rushed through without careful thought and consideration as the impacts will affect generations ~

Thank you ~


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