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Latest Real Estate Sales Trends for Brentwood, CA

March 30, 2009

Here are the latest stats from trulia on Median Sales Price on homes for sale in Brentwood. Seems the trend is still downwards, although it appears that the downslide is tapering off.
Brentwood median sales prices
Brentwood Recently Sold Homes

Median Sales Price is the price at which one half of the homes sold above that amount and one half of the homes sold below that amount. Median Sales Price is based on sales during the most recent 90-day period available and is updated each week to include recent transactions from public record data sources.

Number of Sales

Also, the number of homes sold in Brentwood is dropping off from the peak in late 2008. Inventory has dropped as banks have held properties off the market, but more foreclosures are expected to boost supply soon.

Number of sold homes in Brentwood
Brentwood Recently Sold Homes

Number of Sales is a count of all known arms-length residential property sales over the prior 90-day period. Volume for All Bedrooms may be higher than the total volume for 1-4 Bedrooms. All Bedrooms includes not only 1-4 Bedrooms but also 5+ Bedrooms and records where the number of bedrooms is unknown.

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