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Support Our Troops with Holiday Gifts and Goodies

November 19, 2008

Support Matters. That’s what it says on the big red can in our Coldwell Banker office.

“What’s this about” I wondered?

americanflag-animatedNow I know and I’m on a mission to fill this 32 gallon can with donations and care package items. So here’s the deal. There is a local group called the Delta Blue Star Moms, “a service and support group for the families and friends of US military personnel”.

This is not a political organization, this is about people. Specifically the kids serving our country all over the world.

Just imagine if your son or daughter was half way across the globe. Just imagine how home sick they would be.  Wouldn’t you send them a ‘care package’? Of course you would!

So here is your chance to make someone else’s life a little brighter this holiday season. Bring your donation and help fill the big red can.

Here is some of what they are looking for:

DVDs and CDs (new or used), Beef jerkey or Turkey jerkey, single serving drink mixes, duct tape (I know you have 3 rolls in the garage, fork one over), breath mints and gum, batteries, card games, hand held games, chapstick, deoderant/antipersperant, pads of paper, pens, stationary and nerf balls. 🙂

This is by no means the entire list. For more ideas, go to

Please, next time you are at the grocery store or mall, grab an item for our troops and drop it of at:
Coldwell Banker Amaral
8290 Brentwood Blvd., Brentwood
Call 925-634-0600 for directions

You can also send an email to for more information or just click on the ‘Contacts’ button at

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