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*Free* Handy Home Buyer’s Checklist

August 6, 2008

It can be overwhelming for prospective homebuyers to go out and view a half a dozen or more homes trying to find that perfect place. After a couple of hours most bedrooms and bathrooms start to blur into a big indistinct mess.

“Was it that yellow house that had the nice pool, or was it that brown one across town?” or “How many bedrooms did that one with the big driveway have?” Suddenly you’ve wasted a whole day and you can’t even remember which house you liked the best.

So before you go out house hunting, be sure to download a copy of Cecily’s FREE Homebuyers Checklist. It will help you keep track of the important features of each home you visit, plus a place for notes to help you remember those unique aspects not on the checklist.

Be sure to print out enough copies for each home you plan to look at, and a few extra’s just in case.

Click here right now to get your FREE Homebuyers Checklist. (To download a copy to your computer, right click and select “save target as…”)

P.S. It’s OK to share this with your house hunting friends.

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