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Highway 4 Bypass Good for Brentwood & Antioch Homeowners

March 25, 2008


The recent completion of the Oakley segment of the Highway 4 Bypass connecting Highway 4 to Lone Tree Way should be a boon to home buyers and homeowners who commute from Brentwood, Antioch and Oakley toward the Concord and Walnut Creek area. With two segments of the bypass finished, shoppers and commuters are able to save a substantial amount of time by avoiding surface streets through Antioch and Brentwood Boulevard and Main Street in Oakley.

The reduction of traffic in the local streets and boulevards may make homes adjacent to these areas more attractive to prospective home buyers. And with the completion of the third section of the bypass, renovation of Brentwood Boulevard can begin, which promises to make the old Highway 4 updated, modern and upscale while maintaining a hometown feel.

Now is a good time to take into consideration the future of our growing communities to find homes that may increase in value with these improvements. If you would like more information regarding a particular home or neighborhood, feel free to contact Cecily at , call 1-800-783-7175 or simply comment on this post with your question.

Steve O’Sullivan
Technical Adviser to Cecily Tippery

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